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The transformer has a “nuclear magnetic resonance meter”

Feb 20, 2024

August 12, State Grid Henan Electric Power Company Electric Power Research Institute technicians using transformer acoustic imaging non-intrusive measurement system, complete the extra-high voltage Nanyang substation 2 transformer internal structure imaging detection, help operation and maintenance personnel quickly and accurately ruled out the outgoing device sinking and other hidden dangers, for the transformer in the peak of summer during the safe operation of the security provides a guarantee.

Relying on the new technology of acoustic imaging detection of substation main equipment materials, Henan Electric Power Research Institute independently developed the transformer acoustic imaging non-intrusive measurement system. Application of the system can replace the traditional transformer shutdown, manual oil drainage and other internal inspection, help operation and maintenance personnel accurate and efficient to carry out equipment internal hidden trouble detection, diagnosis, etc. , to enhance the level of lean operation and maintenance of substation equipment, as the transformer has an exclusive "MRI".

Explore transformer acoustic imaging non-intrusive measurement technology.

Transformer is an oil-filled equipment, complex internal structure, long-term in high temperature, high load and other operating environments. According to statistics, in recent years, the number of transformer failures accounted for about 80% of all types of transformer equipment failure. Transformers have a layer of metal shell. It is an important job for operation and maintenance personnel to monitor the flow of insulating oil inside the transformer shell, assess the status of key transformer components, find and eliminate defects in time, and ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

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