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Industry’s outlook

With the rapid rise of wind, solar and other renewable energy and smart grid industries, energy storage technology has become the focus of attention. Large-scale energy storage technology is considered as a strategic technology to support the popularization of renewable energy, which has been highly concerned by governments and business communities. Meanwhile, its huge market potential has quickly attracted the attention of venture capital funds.

The future trend of the new energy is: 1. Strategic significance: To vigorously develop new energy of low carbon environmental protection and green, no matter at present whether from vigorously saving energy and low carbon emission reduction, or from vigorously developing China's energy saving and low carbon green new energy real market economy, it is considered to have a very important theoretical basis and important strategic significance. 2. Development Situation: As the application of new energy has been increasingly extensive in recent years, it is imperative to promote the sustainable and rapid development and improvement of industrial technologies and production processes such as safety, production and transmission, data and storage, etc. of the extensive use of new-generation energy. Energy enterprises should make necessary plans and preparations for this in advance. To science and technology as the guide to the quality of development of the business philosophy, to private enterprises flexible mechanism to share our current interests with our customers, common service in the world electrical modernization development.

As far as the development trend is concerned, with the further expansion of the application scale of new energy, continuous innovation of science and technology makes immature technology and high cost become problems that can be solved in the future. As the cornerstone of the entire new energy industry, energy storage technology will be developed on a large scale in the future.

FIRST POWER will be developing into an international power transformer company to achieve comprehensive strategy that involves several aspects, including:

1. Product development: FIRST POWER will continuously innovate and develop new products that cater to the needs of the international market. This may involve conducting market research and collaborating with international partners to understand the latest trends and technology advancements.

2.Quality control: International customers expect high-quality products and services. We will ensure that the power transformers meet international standards and regulations, and implement a rigorous quality control process to maintain consistency and reliability.

3.Marketing and branding: FIRST POWER are building a strong brand image and promoting the company's products and services globally for international expansion. We’ll be participating in international electrical trade shows, and establishing a strong online presence.

4.Partnerships and collaborations: FIRST POWER are collaborating with local partners in our target markets to establish a foothold and better understand the local business environment. This may involve partnering with local distributors, manufacturers, or service providers.

5.Customer service: FIRST POWER are providing excellent customer service to building a local customer base and establishing a positive reputation in the international market. We will ensure that our customer service team is responsive, knowledgeable, and able to address customer needs in a timely manner.

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