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Oil Immersed Transformer Power Distribution Transformer

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Transformer factory supply 15kva 25kva 30kva 50kva 200kva 400kva oil immersed transformer 11kv 33kv three phase 50 60 HZ High Frequency Power Transformer

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Oil-immersed distribution transformers are important equipment in the distribution network and power supply and distribution systems of industrial & mining enterprises.  10kv 20kv 35kv class three phase oil-immersed distribution transformer has hermetically sealed type and conservator type.

This product implements national standard GB1094-1996 the power transformer"and GB/T6451- 2008 the three-phase oil immersed power transformer technical parameters and requirements".S11 series transformer is the latest series of low loss copper windings products,the products using high-quality materials, in coil implement body and insulation,using new craft, new material, thus made racing. load loss reduced significantly, and performance and structure more reliable and superior.

Rated Capacity Voltage Ratio Vector Group No-load Losses(kw) Impedance
30kva 380v/3kv/6kv/11kv/33kv Dyn11/Yd11/Yyno 0.1 4%
50kva 380v/3kv/6kv/11kv/33kv Dyn11/Yd11/Yyno 0.13 4%
100kva 380v/3kv/6kv/11kv/33kv Dyn11/Yd11/Yyno 0.2 4%
200kva 380v/3kv/6kv/11kv/33kv Dyn11/Yd11/Yyno 0.34 4%
315kva 380v/3kv/6kv/11kv/33kv Dyn11/Yd11/Yyno 0.42 4%
500kva 380v/3kv/6kv/11kv/33kv Dyn11/Yd11/Yyno 0.6 4%
1000kva 380v/3kv/6kv/11kv/33kv Dyn11/Yd11/Yyno 1.15 4.5%
1250kva 6kv/11kv/33kv Dyn11/Yd11/Yyno   4.5%
2500kva 11kv/33kv Dyn11/Yd11/Yyno 2.3  
4000kva 11kv/33kv Dyn11/Yd11/Yyno 2.8  

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