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Corporate culture

To be an international electric power company, FIRST POWER will always maintain the company culture that says:
FIRST POWER have a diverse and inclusive culture that welcomes employees and customers from all backgrounds.This includes promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment, as well as fostering an environment where different perspectives are valued. And FIRST POWER are encouraging innovation,and creating culture that values new ideas and provides resources and support for research and development.
Besides,FIRSTPOWER are accountable and transparent in all of its dealings. This includes being open and honest with customers, partners, and employees about business practices, financial performance, and any challenges faced.
As the same time,FIRST POWER prioritize environmental and social responsibility, demonstrating commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. This includes investing in renewable energy, reducing waste, and supporting local communities.
Last and no least,FIRSTPOWER will always put its customers first. This means we will keep providing excellent service, listening to customer feedback, and constantly striving to improve products and services to meet your needs.

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