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YB box-type substation is also called European box-type substation. Theproduct conforms to GB17467-1998 "high and low voltage pre-installed substation"and IEC1330and other standards. As a new power supply and distribution device, it has many advantages over the traditional civil substation. Due to its small size, small footprint and compact structure, it is easy to move, thus greatly shortening the construction period and footprint. It also reduces infrastructure costs.

Our substation is composed of four parts: high voltage switchgear, low voltage distribution panel, distribution transformer and housing. The high voltage is the air load switch, and the transformer is dry type transformer or oil immersed transformer. The box body adopts a good heat insulation ventilation structure, beautiful appearance and generous, and the box body is equipped with up and down ventilation duct. The temperature rise of the transformer room and the high and low pressure room caused by outdoor isolation can be reduced to the minimum. The cabinet shall be equipped with a temperature-controlled forced ventilation device and an automatic solar temperature control device. Each individual unit is equipped with complete control, protection, live display and lighting systems.

Industry Information:

The box substation site installation is simple, rapid power supply, equipment maintenance is simple, without special duty, especially it can go deep into the load center, to improve the quality of power supply to reduce power loss, enhance the reliability of power supply and the distribution network is very important. The box transformer can complete the transformation, distribution, transmission, measurement, compensation, control, protection and communication of the system.

Factory Workshop:

At present, the equipment put into production and operation of our transformer project advocates energy saving, intelligence, information technology and mechanization. In addition, we have established transformer engineering technology research Center, with 57 utility model patents and 18 invention patents.


Customer Feedback & Cases:

Jiangsu First Power Co., Ltd. has helped many customers around the world complete transformer projects. For example, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Salvador,Venezuela, Australia,New Zealand, Spain, Belgium, Algeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, etc.

Packing And Delivery:

Packed in high quality wooden cases with silk cloth as protective layer to prevent transformer damage in the process of transportation.UPS/FEDEX/DHL/TNT choose the shipping way by your side.

Oil immersed transformer specification&Drawing
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